Why hire a private investigator?

First off, private investigators in the real world are not the same as private investigators in TV and movies. The fiction has supplanted the reality in so many people’s minds that it becomes hard to convince them we aren’t all hard-fisted, chain smoking, rugged men who drive sports cars. Only the lucky ones get to do that.

In reality, private investigators come in all sizes and shapes, genders and races. There is no typical private investigator, each one is an individual, and each has their own specialty. The one thing that all private investigators share, however, is the ability to investigate and research information that you don’t have the time, resources or training to do yourself.

It is no longer possible in this complex and busy world to be able to do everything yourself. Our society uses specialists for some many things – plumbers, mechanics and electricians, for example – even though, with the proper training, most people can do the tasks that we hire these people for. Private investigators are the same.

There are as many reasons to hire a private investigator as there are people that need them, but the general research falls into a number of broad categories. The top five categorical reasons you would hire a private investigator are:

  • Divorce disputes

The old standby. Divorces can easily become messy and untidy events with a great deal of “he said” and “she said” being thrown around by both parties. The use of a private investigator can uncover evidence that you can use against your spouse during the legal proceedings. The advice of a private investigator can also be used to protect your reputation.

  • Stalkers

Not learning how to be a stalker, but identifying and stopping one before they become dangerous. Whether you are a man or a woman, having a stalker can be a nightmare. The police will not act on non-concrete evidence and the restraining order is not as much protection as anyone would like. Tracking and identifying the stalker’s patterns, gathering evidence of illegal activities and keeping a detailed record of incidents to help you file a criminal complaint successfully is a perfect job for a private investigator.

  • Employee tracking

Business owners who are worried about being defrauded by employees can hire a private investigator to research the situation and gather evidence of whether illegal activities are being carried out. Dismissing an employee, unless you have probable cause, can be problematic in today’s society and the results of an investigation can go a long way in providing the evidence you have to have to rid yourself of a problem employee.

  • Background checks

Internet dating is all the rage, but you really don’t know what you are getting into dating an anonymous stranger. Protecting yourself against predators that lurk on the internet is easier with someone who has the training and resources to conduct background checks on prospective suitors for your security.

  • Cheating spouses

If you believe your spouse is having an affair, having a private investigator find out can give you impartial answers to your suspicions. Whether you are looking for peace of mind or the proof needed to get a divorce, avoid using your friends and hire a professional.

Remember, it doesn’t do any good to hire a private investigator who is unfamiliar with your city or state. Hiring a Miami private investigator to look into an issue in Baltimore is counter-productive, as is hiring an investigator from California to do the job that a Florida private investigator is trained and licensed for.

If you need private investigations services in Florida, New York and Southern California, call the detective agency of Maya & Maya, Inc. Our number is (305)232-0056. We may not be driving a sports car, but we are exactly what you are looking for to find what you need.