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Know who is on the other side

Online dating is immensely popular today, and millions of people meet each other through online dating services, digital communities, and social media services. There are news reports every other day about people who met through the internet, and went on to get married and have an amazing life.

With busy lives and hectic schedules, most of us find ourselves too busy to go out. Our chances of meeting new people reduce considerably when we limit ourselves to the confines of our homes, but the internet can help solve this. But there is also a dark side to dating online.

There is always a risk that the person you have been talking to for weeks, is not who they say they are. What if they have a different name, live in a different city, and have lied about everything? The doubt always persists until you meet them, and without knowing for sure, you will be completely justified in not wanting to meet a stranger.

Find out who you have been talking to

In a world where violent crimes are something that happens on a daily basis, and identity thieves run rampant, wanting to ensure that a person really is who he says he is, is not only justified, but also the smart thing to do. Photos can be edited, white lies can be told, but what most people cannot do is to hide their real identity from an expert.

Employ the services of a private investigator, who will track down the person who you met online, and provide you with a detailed account of their lives. This investigation can be as simple as verifying what their name is, where they work, and where they live, to extremely detailed reports that contain information about their friends, family, and daily life.

It is easy to promise the world to someone, when you are hiding behind a computer screen, and before you leave everything behind and go meet someone living in the other corner of the world, first find out basic things about them. Make sure that it is not an elaborate ruse to scam you, or worse, hurt you.

Let expert private investigators protect you online

From verifying the information that you are provided online by the people that you talk to, to tracking down people to their real locations, private investigators who deal with online dating investigations know exactly how to get behind all the facades and uncover the real person for you.

Connecting people with their online personas, finding whether they have been lying to you, checking that they are not cheating on you with other people that they talk to online, and so much more is possible when you have expert private investigators at your side. Hire a Florida private investigator to help you with your problem. Online dating investigation is easy when you let the experts do it for you.

Be on the safe side when it comes to the virtual world. When you meet someone on a platform where real names and details are not revealed and people can be anyone they want to be, this is a very prudent thing to do, and is something that any sensible person should consider.

Reasons people hire private investigators

Private investigators are professionals who have the skills and training to pursue leads, obtain information about people, and provide their clients with detailed report based on what they are looking for. They can help find missing people, help track next of kins, uncover the activities of a cheating spouse, and present the real face of an individual to the world.

Even today, relationship troubles remain the biggest reason for people to hire a private investigator. When people suspect that their significant other is cheating on them, and they want to be certain, they often turn to the expert services of a professional investigator. Couples undergoing a divorce proceeding are also known to hire investigators to obtain complete information about each other. In more modern times, a lot of people have also started hiring the services of private investigation agencies to find out more about their partners before they commit to something as serious as a marriage.

You can ask someone who has used similar services and found them satisfactory for a recommendation, or you can contact a reputed agency in your city.

There are a number of ways in which a Florida private investigator can help you:

  1. If you are in a long term relationship, you can hire a private investigator to find out whether your partner is faithful to you. When people suspect that they are being cheated on, there is a high chance that they are right. A professional can help you verify your doubts, so that you know for sure how faithful your partner is.
  2. When getting a divorce, couples can hire an investigative service to obtain all relevant information about their spouse. From the properties that they own to how much money they really make, all this information is crucial when making a settlement demand in court, and the investigator can dig it all out for you. They have the means and the resources to pursue hidden property leads, unearth secret bank accounts, and physically follow people to observe their activities. All of this can prove very useful in the court. The proof provided by a Miami private investigator can be used by your lawyer to secure the settlement that you want. It may even prove to be useful if you have to go to the court for the divorce and help you get a more favorable judgment.
  3. When kids are involved, proving that someone is not a very capable parent can be a tricky matter. A Florida private investigator can help make this easy by securing video and photographic evidence that the court can review. In case someone is unfit to raise a child, you can use professional help to obtain full custody.

When looking for a reputed Miami private investigator, you always want to hire someone with experience and great connections in the various law enforcement agencies. Xxxx is the perfect choice for you, and we have capable private investigators who can pursue leads, investigate people, and secure extensive proof about your spouse which may prove invaluable should you need to go to the court to get what you deserve. You can reach us right now at xxxxxxxxx

Nobody likes a fat private investigator

While the above headline is not true (I am sure that there are people who adore rotund PI’s) if you are thinking about becoming a private investigator you need to remember there are a whole slew of reasons that you want to look and feel your best. Some of these reasons are to help you physically do your job, some of them are to keep you mentally sharp while on the job and many of them are concerned with how people perceive you as you do your job.

Physical reasons

Don’t let anyone convince you that being a private investigator is not physically challenging. Whether it is trailing someone on foot or investigating cheating spouse, a lot of movement is required. Having the energy to respond at a moment’s notice and the stamina to endure long hours of observation can take a toll on your body.

Mental reasons

The better your shape, the more mentally alert and prepared you are. In the private investigative field, this is important during many activities. Being able to spot suspicious behavior while observing someone or noticing clues to illegalities during background searches, mental awareness is a huge part of the private investigators job.

Perceptions reasons

Remember the title of this article? I may have been teasing about that, but there have been too many studies done that find a correlation between physical fitness and the perception of those people to ignore. Most people would rather hire a fit person who is clean and neat than an out of shape slob with his shirt tail hanging out and buttons undone. A fit and in-shape person is seen as more competent.

Staying in shape should be a personal and professional goal for everyone, not just people who want to be a private investigator in Miami, and there are many ways to optimize your chances of successfully keeping fit while here. There are plenty of gyms or workout centers in the city and most of them offer personalized programs to keep you on track to staying fit.

If going to the gym isn’t your thing, Yoga or Crossfit might be more to your liking and there are centers for those, as well. The important part of any workout/fitness regimen is sticking with it. Keeping fit and healthy requires personal discipline, a trait that will help you out as a private investigator, as well.

Eating the right kinds of food and the right amounts of them is an important part of your fitness plan. In Miami it is very important to stay hydrated, not just when working out, but all of the time and you should drink at least a gallon of water every day. Eat smaller meals, but more often during the day. And don’t forget to get the right amount of sleep at night.

If you are interested in training to become a private investigator, or you think you might need the services of an agency that makes sure they are fit and healthy, contact the detective agency of Maya & Maya, Inc. at (305)232-0056.

Questions to ask when hiring a private investigator

There are many different reasons you could want to hire a private investigator. Anything from investigating your spouse in preparation for a divorce to doing background checks on employees.

Private investigators are professionals and experts in their field. Just like you would want to see credentials of a doctor or mechanic, it is not unreasonable to ask for information when hiring a private investigator.

Finding a private investigator:

  • The best way to find a PI is through referrals. Friends, family, business associates, your attorney and even insurance adjusters are good ways to find a good private investigator. Word of mouth gives you different information than you can find in an advertisement.
  • Check with your state’s private investigation association. Many of them have websites which post members’ information.
  • If your state does not have a private investigation association, or you cannot find information about it, check with national organizations and see if they can refer an agency in your area. Although some areas overlap, you should try to find a PI that is familiar with the local area. Ask for a reference for a Miami private investigator as opposed to a South Florida PI.
  • If your needs fall in the surveillance or background check area, talk with an insurance company or a homeowner’s association. With very few questions you should be able to find out what agencies they use.
  • Paid ads in the yellow pages or business references can be used, but the information you find through these ads is superficial, at best. Look for licensing and insurance information. They are very important.


Meeting with the investigator:

  • Prior to meeting the PI, determine your budget. If you have a definite amount in mind, you can keep costs down by not adding on services you don’t need.
  • When you speak to the investigator, ask if they have done work similar to what you are wanting them to do. Although the details will not be available, the outcome of the work is. Make sure they are competent in that area.
  • Ask to see examples of reports that they have produced in similar cases.
  • Good communication is critical between you and the investigator. While meeting with them, gauge your comfort level. Don’t hire an agency that makes you uncomfortable and be open to new ideas from the private investigators, they are the experts.
  • Expect to pay a retainer before the PI begins work. If the investigator doesn’t ask for one, or their rate is low, that might be a sign of desperation, not competence.

Just like hiring any expert, private investigators will understand the process you are going through and help you along it by answering your questions and trying to make you feel comfortable with them and their methods. When speaking with the PI, make sure you see their license and the licenses of anyone who will be working on your case. Unlicensed investigators may not be aware of their responsibilities and how to do their work while staying within the law. Any illegalities that are performed at your behest are your responsibility.

If you need private investigation services in South Florida or the Miami area, call the detective agency of Maya & Maya, Inc. at (305)232-0056.

Reasons to hire a Miami Child Custody Investigator

Divorce proceedings are bitter enough on their own, but adding a child custody investigation onto the proceedings will make it twice as bad, if not worse. Having as much help and information on your side as possible is vital to keep or take custody of your children. Knowing how to get the information you need to prove fitness is the first part of the battle.

Just because you know that your spouse is not fit to raise your kids, doesn’t mean the court will take your word for it. Our legal system is interested in facts and evidence more so than emotional pleas and rumors. Ensuring the evidence favors your case should be your most important task.

Note: that during a child custody proceeding you must be careful to avoid breaking the law or asking someone to do it for you. If you want your spouse investigated, hire a professional. Don’t do it yourself or ask a friend or family member. Every state has its own rules and regulations about how you can investigate someone. If you are involved in a child custody battle in Florida, hire a Florida private investigator.

  • GPS tracking

A parent has a great deal of responsibility for their children and if you believe that your spouse is not capable of carrying out that responsibility, no matter what reason, you will need proof to present the court. Although it may not be illegal to party all night, it doesn’t reflect well on your spouse’s judgment and abilities if you have proof that they do.

You may also discover other things through the use of a GPS tracker. Drug abuse or sales, spending all day in the bar or being a compulsive gambler. On the other hand, you might discover that they are not doing anything wrong. Although disappointing, you will be able to rest easier knowing your spouse is where he or she is supposed to be.


  • Photographs and video

Many private investigators offer discrete surveillance services. The use of cameras and video cams can provide you, and the courts, with proof of what goes on with your kids when you are not there.

Nanny cams are a non-intrusive and viable means of tracking what happens around your kids. If you suspect abuse or neglect, observation and evidence will garner the proof you need to have the children removed from a harmful environment.

  • Checking the records

Public record search is becoming easier with the proliferation of web sites that cater to it. However, it is still not cheap and ensuring that the information is accurate can be a job in itself. Any Miami private investigator will have sources and sites that they have used previously and can track to see if your spouse does anything illegal.

The more and better the evidence you have against your spouse, the easier it will be to win a Miami child custody case. If you have any doubts about the well-being of your child while they are in the care of your spouse, you should hire a private investigator. If you are not sure where to begin, speak with your divorce lawyer or call the detective agency of Maya & Maya, Inc. at (305)232-0056.