Hire a Properly Licensed Private Investigator

I am writing this article because I am concerned at the recent trends I am seeing on the internet by companies advertising in Florida, California, and New York who are not licensed in those states or some are not licensed at all for that matter.  The important facet to understand is that when you are seeking to hire a private investigator is the very fact that they are licensed, bonded, and insured.  That the agency or individual you are seeking to hire has the proper experience and you have vetted him properly.  Does he or she have a degree?, Prior Law Enforcement? Experience?, Ex-Military, Etc.  However, those things are all important but the most important element is that you are dealing with an agency or person you who is licensed and is authorized to perform the services they are advertising to do in the state you are requesting them being done in.  In Florida it is a third degree felony to perform private investigative services without a license.  Do you know that in  Florida Sales Tax is required to be collected by the agency performing private investigative services in Florida and if there not they are breaking the law.  I recommend that “You” as the consumer do your homework and hire a licensed entity or person only!   I would be careful in dealing with “middle men” or a dispatch services who claim they have a wide variety of investigators in there network and in turn are not licensed in the state to advertise or perform private investigative services.  The trend recently is these so called dispatch companies on the net who not licensed as “private investigative agencies” are solicited by consumers and they sign up the investigative service and in turn hire a local private investigator at a far cheaper rate than what you are paying them.  What happens in most cases they are hiring a local private investigator who is licensed but may be slow on business or may not have the business savvy to get your business on his own.  The local investigator may have not been your choice to hire had you had enough time to evaluate his credentials on your own.  I recommend you stay as far away from unlicensed entities as you can as if it all goes south you have no regulatory recourse as you would with a licensing agency.  I recommend you sign a contract and in that contract the person engaging you is licensed and all the particulars such as fee, objectives, and timeframe, reports, and videos turnover are in the contract.  Lastly, you may be emotionally distressed and may not be thinking normally I adhere to wait take a deep breath and do your home work because by acting impulsively you may lose the opportunity to meet your objectives and lose hundreds if thousands or dollars.