Proper Vetting of Business and Prospective Employees

















Background Checks and Proper Vetting:

The proper vetting and looking into prospective employees, new business partners, and even a possible love interest. Its imperative that you look into everything. Don’t rely on word of mouth and a good sense of humanity in today’s world. If you have a feeling that something is not right. “Stop Right There” that is your gift of fear your inner survival mode telling you “Hey Friend, you need to stop and look into this because there is poison on the other side”. Its not as simple as doing a minor background check and all is good. A proper background check depends on what you are looking for and why are you doing this. I would suggest you call a professional and let them guide you. For starters its not as simple going to the clerk of the court in your county or the state database for criminal records. You can’t rely on what someone tells you either. You have to verify the facts for yourself. How about if your prospective party saids they only lived in Florida and of course nothing comes back in Florida but they lived in New York and California as well. You must check both of those states as well. I can’t say enough for hiring nannies, looking into a new love interest, and hiring a contractor. I would always suggest when hiring contractors that the person who is selling the services is the person on the license, and the check written is to that person. I have found in over 100 past cases that past customers have been ripped off by career criminals working under someone licenses or their family members licenses. I always say check, check, and check some more. Call the professionals at Maya & Maya Inc for your free consultation on proper background checks. @danmaya360