Hidden Assets and Questions to Ask? Getting Divorced

I am writing this article to address the very important topic of Hidden Assets and the investigating of such.  If you are getting divorced and don’t know all the assets the first thing to do is try to gather all the banking documents related to the other spouses businesses and or personal accounts.  It important to know what exactly the bottom line is so the following are tips you need to follow from my years of finding hidden assets:

  1. Gather all banking documents that you know of and try to check personal, business, and or phones for accounts that may be unknown.
  2. Gather all Whole Life and Variable Insurance Policies.
  3. Determine what real estate is known.
  4. Gather all safe deposit boxes locations, hidden safes in the home, and other places when things were friendly where hard cash was stored.
  5. Gather all information regarding off shore bank accounts and or companies.
  6. Determine and or establish places where your spouse frequents to determine possible locations of countries visited.  An account may be there and monies hidden.
  7. Art Pieces and or timeless jewelry such as Rolex, Tiffany Rings, and or other expensive jewelry pieces.
  8. Lastly you’ll need to determine his CPA as he will have the usual keys to the house and all the information needed.


My advice is to seek a professional when the majority of these items are gathered and have them review for ideas as to finding what may not exist at present.  If things don’s add up then seek a private investigator with the proper experience finding hidden assets related to divorces and or fraudsters in general.  However, if you presently going through a divorce call our offices at (305)232-0056 and or email us via dlm@mayaandmayainc.com to discuss your case.