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At Maya & Maya, Inc we are fully committed to having an anti-discrimination policy since its inception.  We have been dishearten with the current environment of our community and nation.  We stand with all of our brothers and sisters regardless of color, race, sexual gender, and or religion.  We are all a worldwide community and […]

Stalking and Unwanted Harassment

If you are a victim of a known stalker and or are receiving unwanted harassment from either a know source or unknown.  Please call us to review your case and allow our Investigative Experts in these situations to asses your situation.  Whether it’s online stalking, unwanted phone calls from unknown numbers, and or physical visits […]

Hidden Assets and Questions to Ask? Getting Divorced

I am writing this article to address the very important topic of Hidden Assets and the investigating of such.  If you are getting divorced and don’t know all the assets the first thing to do is try to gather all the banking documents related to the other spouses businesses and or personal accounts.  It important […]

Proper Vetting of Business and Prospective Employees

                                Background Checks and Proper Vetting: The proper vetting and looking into prospective employees, new business partners, and even a possible love interest. Its imperative that you look into everything. Don’t rely on word of mouth and a good sense […]

Real and Licensed Private Investigative Agencies

My name is Daniel L. Maya, owner of Maya & Maya Inc, and until recently, I have stayed out of a controversy among my colleagues. However, I do, in my opinion, have a valid argument that I would like to make now. There is a big difference between real licensed investigative agencies and PI Dispatchers. […]

PI 101: Surveillance Techniques Used in a Private Investigation

TYPES OF SURVEILLANCE IN A PRIVATE INVESTIGATION   Surveillance is the stealthy observation of a person, place, or thing and is one of the methods used by private investigators and law enforcement agencies to confirm or deny allegations of illegal or suspicious behavior. Surveillance can be done in person or with the use of electrical […]


  PRIVATE INVESTIGATION: FINDING A MISSING PERSON   When a person goes missing, it can be devastating for families and friends. However, the sooner you get started on looking for that missing person, the better your chances are of finding him or her. However, in order to find the missing person faster, you’re going to […]