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Hire a Properly Licensed Private Investigator

I am writing this article because I am concerned at the recent trends I am seeing on the internet by companies advertising in Florida, California, and New York who are not licensed in those states or some are not licensed at all for that matter.  The important facet to understand is that when you are seeking […]

Know who is on the other side

Online dating is immensely popular today, and millions of people meet each other through online dating services, digital communities, and social media services. There are news reports every other day about people who met through the internet, and went on to get married and have an amazing life. With busy lives and hectic schedules, most […]

Reasons people hire private investigators

Private investigators are professionals who have the skills and training to pursue leads, obtain information about people, and provide their clients with detailed report based on what they are looking for. They can help find missing people, help track next of kins, uncover the activities of a cheating spouse, and present the real face of […]

Nobody likes a fat private investigator

While the above headline is not true (I am sure that there are people who adore rotund PI’s) if you are thinking about becoming a private investigator you need to remember there are a whole slew of reasons that you want to look and feel your best. Some of these reasons are to help you […]

Questions to ask when hiring a private investigator

There are many different reasons you could want to hire a private investigator. Anything from investigating your spouse in preparation for a divorce to doing background checks on employees. Private investigators are professionals and experts in their field. Just like you would want to see credentials of a doctor or mechanic, it is not unreasonable […]

Reasons to hire a Miami Child Custody Investigator

Divorce proceedings are bitter enough on their own, but adding a child custody investigation onto the proceedings will make it twice as bad, if not worse. Having as much help and information on your side as possible is vital to keep or take custody of your children. Knowing how to get the information you need […]

The Reality Of Hiring A Private Investigator

A Reddit user is sharing his experience in a thread with 10,000+ comments and replies; the man did not disclose his name, but he did detail the account of his wife, Jenny, cheating, or at least he shared as much as he knows, thanks to a professional private investigator (PI). While thousands of users lived […]

More Investigations Fueled By Dating Websites

What are premarital background checks? While the idea may sound somewhat ridiculous — for many — it’s not. In fact, the practice is steadily gaining popularity as more Americans meet romantic partners on the Web. Illinois private detectives and investigators tell The Wall Street Journal that rich clients in particular often come to them, saying […]

Why hire a private investigator?

First off, private investigators in the real world are not the same as private investigators in TV and movies. The fiction has supplanted the reality in so many people’s minds that it becomes hard to convince them we aren’t all hard-fisted, chain smoking, rugged men who drive sports cars. Only the lucky ones get to […]