More Investigations Fueled By Dating Websites

What are premarital background checks? While the idea may sound somewhat ridiculous — for many — it’s not. In fact, the practice is steadily gaining popularity as more Americans meet romantic partners on the Web. Illinois private detectives and investigators tell The Wall Street Journal that rich clients in particular often come to them, saying they “have a lot of assets to protect and a lot to lose if something goes wrong [in a potential marriage].” The estimated 45,000 investigators all across the U.S. are also noting the trend.

What Do People Want To Know Before They Commit To A Relationship?
Why exactly do people hire a professional private investigator before entering a relationship? The vast majority of people want to know if potential interests have a criminal history. Some want to make certain would-be partners aren’t living double lives, meaning that they aren’t already married, or — worse — already married with children. Others would rather know upfront if a new partner is hiding large amounts of debt or bad credit.

Cheating Is Not As Straightforward As You Think
While these kinds of cases are on the rise, the vast majority of detectives well-versed in romance conduct infidelity investigations. And these investigations can be complex and varied (that is, very different from what you see on shows like “Cheaters”). For instance, more spouses are choosing to hire a professional private investigator for financial cheating. In other words, detectives help find out where missing money is going. Some husbands and wives make large purchases without telling each other, and others have bank accounts and credit cards the other one doesn’t know about. According to CNN, one-fifth of married men and women have made at least one purchase of $500 or more without telling their other half.

The internet and dating sites are creating a high-demand for private detectives — particularly when it comes to investigating potential romantic partners or even future spouses. Financial cheating is more popular than ever, and detectives can help clients get to the bottom of it.

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