Nobody likes a fat private investigator

While the above headline is not true (I am sure that there are people who adore rotund PI’s) if you are thinking about becoming a private investigator you need to remember there are a whole slew of reasons that you want to look and feel your best. Some of these reasons are to help you physically do your job, some of them are to keep you mentally sharp while on the job and many of them are concerned with how people perceive you as you do your job.

Physical reasons

Don’t let anyone convince you that being a private investigator is not physically challenging. Whether it is trailing someone on foot or investigating cheating spouse, a lot of movement is required. Having the energy to respond at a moment’s notice and the stamina to endure long hours of observation can take a toll on your body.

Mental reasons

The better your shape, the more mentally alert and prepared you are. In the private investigative field, this is important during many activities. Being able to spot suspicious behavior while observing someone or noticing clues to illegalities during background searches, mental awareness is a huge part of the private investigators job.

Perceptions reasons

Remember the title of this article? I may have been teasing about that, but there have been too many studies done that find a correlation between physical fitness and the perception of those people to ignore. Most people would rather hire a fit person who is clean and neat than an out of shape slob with his shirt tail hanging out and buttons undone. A fit and in-shape person is seen as more competent.

Staying in shape should be a personal and professional goal for everyone, not just people who want to be a private investigator in Miami, and there are many ways to optimize your chances of successfully keeping fit while here. There are plenty of gyms or workout centers in the city and most of them offer personalized programs to keep you on track to staying fit.

If going to the gym isn’t your thing, Yoga or Crossfit might be more to your liking and there are centers for those, as well. The important part of any workout/fitness regimen is sticking with it. Keeping fit and healthy requires personal discipline, a trait that will help you out as a private investigator, as well.

Eating the right kinds of food and the right amounts of them is an important part of your fitness plan. In Miami it is very important to stay hydrated, not just when working out, but all of the time and you should drink at least a gallon of water every day. Eat smaller meals, but more often during the day. And don’t forget to get the right amount of sleep at night.

If you are interested in training to become a private investigator, or you think you might need the services of an agency that makes sure they are fit and healthy, contact the detective agency of Maya & Maya, Inc. at (305)232-0056.

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