Reasons to hire a Miami Child Custody Investigator

Divorce proceedings are bitter enough on their own, but adding a child custody investigation onto the proceedings will make it twice as bad, if not worse. Having as much help and information on your side as possible is vital to keep or take custody of your children. Knowing how to get the information you need to prove fitness is the first part of the battle.

Just because you know that your spouse is not fit to raise your kids, doesn’t mean the court will take your word for it. Our legal system is interested in facts and evidence more so than emotional pleas and rumors. Ensuring the evidence favors your case should be your most important task.

Note: that during a child custody proceeding you must be careful to avoid breaking the law or asking someone to do it for you. If you want your spouse investigated, hire a professional. Don’t do it yourself or ask a friend or family member. Every state has its own rules and regulations about how you can investigate someone. If you are involved in a child custody battle in Florida, hire a Florida private investigator.

  • GPS tracking

A parent has a great deal of responsibility for their children and if you believe that your spouse is not capable of carrying out that responsibility, no matter what reason, you will need proof to present the court. Although it may not be illegal to party all night, it doesn’t reflect well on your spouse’s judgment and abilities if you have proof that they do.

You may also discover other things through the use of a GPS tracker. Drug abuse or sales, spending all day in the bar or being a compulsive gambler. On the other hand, you might discover that they are not doing anything wrong. Although disappointing, you will be able to rest easier knowing your spouse is where he or she is supposed to be.


  • Photographs and video

Many private investigators offer discrete surveillance services. The use of cameras and video cams can provide you, and the courts, with proof of what goes on with your kids when you are not there.

Nanny cams are a non-intrusive and viable means of tracking what happens around your kids. If you suspect abuse or neglect, observation and evidence will garner the proof you need to have the children removed from a harmful environment.

  • Checking the records

Public record search is becoming easier with the proliferation of web sites that cater to it. However, it is still not cheap and ensuring that the information is accurate can be a job in itself. Any Miami private investigator will have sources and sites that they have used previously and can track to see if your spouse does anything illegal.

The more and better the evidence you have against your spouse, the easier it will be to win a Miami child custody case. If you have any doubts about the well-being of your child while they are in the care of your spouse, you should hire a private investigator. If you are not sure where to begin, speak with your divorce lawyer or call the detective agency of Maya & Maya, Inc. at (305)232-0056.

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