The Reality Of Hiring A Private Investigator

A Reddit user is sharing his experience in a thread with 10,000+ comments and replies; the man did not disclose his name, but he did detail the account of his wife, Jenny, cheating, or at least he shared as much as he knows, thanks to a professional private investigator (PI).

While thousands of users lived vicariously through him (it seems a fair share of Americans want a reason to hire a private detective) or sadistically prodded the anonymous user for more information, at least one valid question did come out of the whole thing. What really happens when you hire a cheating spouse investigator?

The Fiction: Private Detectives Follow Cheaters With A Van And Camera Crew
Although the popular reality TV show has been juggled from network to network — perhaps for its scandalous content — just about everyone has seen at least one episode. A private detective or private detective agency, typically concealed inside of an unmarked van, uses hidden cameras to monitor a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, or romantic partner who is potentially cheating. Once they are caught red-handed, the detective helps clients confront their partner in a public space with their lover.

In reality, detectives and investigators today often rely on computers and devices as much as possible. A professional private investigator may be able to read texts and emails and discover infidelity that way, without risking being seen.

The Fiction: Investigators Tail People In Cars (Think Mike From Breaking Bad)
Yes, investigators may tail people from time to time — but it’s not the bulk of the job, like many people think. Instead of tailing people in cars, many modern private investigators perform background checks. Some do this for potential employers, and some even provide the same services for people on online dating sites, so they can have some peace of mind about who they are meeting.

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