Sometimes we have a feeling in our gut when a partner or spouse is cheating. Other times, we are totally blindsided and don’t see the infidelity coming. Even if you do have your suspicions, it can be difficult to know for sure. Before you decide to hire a cheating spouse investigator, there are some signs that can give you a better sense of whether they are cheating or not.


An Unfair Advantage

Not for you, but for the cheating spouse. No one wants to think a partner or spouse is lying or cheating. It’s often easier to give them the benefit of the doubt than to acknowledge what’s really going on. There are even some people who choose to ignore their spouse’s cheating ways because they don’t want to suffer the pain the alternative comes with.


A cheating spouse will take advantage of the trust you have in them, dismissing any questions by telling them what they want to hear, such as, “I’d never cheat on you.”


Turn Yourself into a Mini Cheating Spouse Investigator and Look Out for These Signs

Signs of infidelity vary from relationship to relationship. However, if you are feeling that something is off in your relationship, there may be some signs you’ll want to look out for.


  1. Gut Instinct

If you feel that something isn’t right, you’re probably right. The mere fact that you have to seriously ask whether your spouse is cheating is one of the telltale signs of infidelity. Of course, you could be wrong, but how often is your gut instinct wrong?


  1. A Change in Behavior
  • They change their daily routine for no apparent reason
  • They seem distant or not fully present when you are together
  • They either begin to ignore you, or become overly nice overnight
  • They don’t show as much affection as they used to. This can be a big sign, particularly if the lack of affection cannot be explained


  1. They Become More Secretive

If your spouse starts taking or making phone calls in private, especially if they never used to do that before, that is mostly likely a sign of infidelity. Another example may be if they are deleting text messages. Most people tend to delete texts only when their phone is full, but if they are deleting texts after every conversation, that is suspicious behavior.


If you discover multiple email addresses or social media accounts that you did not know about, that is not a good sign. When in a committed relationship, there is no need to maintain accounts that your spouse is unaware of.


  1. More Time Spent with Someone Else

If your spouse is spending more and more time with a friend or colleague, particularly one of the opposite sex, you may want to look deeper into that ‘friendship’ as there couple be an affair going on.


  1. “I’m Working Late”

They spend more and more time ‘at the office’ and keep coming home late. If your spouse is generally gone longer every day – their 30 minute jog has turned into a 2 hour jog – you may want to look into that.


  1. They Become Defensive

You used to be able to discuss concerns openly in the past, but now you can’t have a discussion without your spouse becoming overly defensive. Defensiveness can often be a sign of guilt.


Find Out For Sure with a Cheating Spouse Investigator

Living with trust issues can take its toll. Why not find out for sure if your spouse is cheating? This is where a cheating spouse investigator can come in handy. Maya and Maya in Miami offer private investigator and infidelity investigation services. If you are suspicious of your spouse’s behaviour, we can help you uncover the truth. Perhaps you already know your spouse is cheating, but just don’t have the evidence to prove it. Our team of experienced private investigators can work together with you on your quest for evidence. Contact us today for a free consultation, and find out what we can do for your peace of mind.




How Does Adultery Affect Alimony?


Divorce can be a difficult time in anyone’s life, but being prepared is important. If you suspect adultery, information collected early on can make a huge difference in the major details of your divorce; most importantly, alimony.

Cheating Spouse Investigator

By law, judges are allowed to consider the adultery of either spouse when awarding alimony. They try to determine whether a spouse’s affair hurt the marriage financially. For example, if a husband buys expensive dinners and lavish gifts for his mistress, his wife can argue that those funds were wasted and request compensation.

If you believe your spouse is having an affair, it is important to gather evidence as soon as possible. If you’re not a professional, knowing what to look for can be difficult. A licensed private investigator can provide the resources you need for a full investigation.

How Do Judges Determine Alimony?

In the state of Florida, there are several different types of alimony that can be awarded over the course of divorce proceedings. Factors like the duration of the marriage, conditions of separation, and the financial assets of both parties can all come into play when judges decide which form of alimony is most applicable.

The primary purpose of alimony is to give the supported spouse a consistent source of financial support while they work to build a life for themselves. The money is meant to cover necessities, like rent and other living expenses, as well as investments in future career training. All claims are stronger with clear documentation.

Bridge-the-Gap Alimony

For marriages that lasted only a short while, “bridge-the-gap” alimony is a common option. Unlike other alimony types, bridge-the-gap is not meant for long-term support. Payments can only be awarded for a maximum of two years. Instead, this form of payment means to help the supported spouse make a short, one-time transition into single life.

One of the most important aspects of bridge-the-gap is that payments are non-modifiable. Once all parties have agreed on an amount, it stays fixed. Neither the paying spouse nor the supported spouse can request changes in the amount of alimony or the duration. Like most alimony types, bridge-the-gap can only terminate due to death or the supported spouse getting remarried.

Rehabilitative Alimony

Rehabilitative alimony is used expressly to help newly divorced spouses become self-sufficient through job training and credentials. It is often awarded when spouses let certain credentials lapse during the course of the marriage, like cosmetology or real estate licenses. In order to qualify, spouses must provide a clear plan for their career prospects, including cost of tuition, any post education steps like certification and expected earning potential.

There is no set time limit for rehabilitative alimony, but the duration of studies is clearly laid out when payment is awarded. The amount is modifiable and can be adjusted based on failure to comply with guidelines or early completion of the program.

Permanent Alimony

Permanent alimony only applies to marriages that lasted longer than 17 years. Amounts can be modified, but the payments last until death and/or the supporting spouse’s remarriage. The supporting spouse must declare the payments as income, and the paying spouse can write off the alimony as tax deductible. Durational alimony is awarded to marriages that lasted between 7 and 17 years, when permanent alimony is not appropriate.

No matter what alimony you qualify for, your spouse’s infidelity can make a huge impact. When alimony amounts are non-modifiable, it becomes crucial to build a strong case as soon as possible.

Private Investigator Miami Beach

If you suspect your spouse of adultery, schedule a consultation with Maya & Maya, a licensed private investigator in Miami, Florida. Investing in professional investigative services gives you the best chance of getting the settlement you deserve.






Many people would prefer to believe that the world is all sunshine and daisies. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. There is fraud, dishonesty, and corruption, and it is in these situations that many people require true facts to be unearthed. That’s where a Miami private investigator (PI) can come in. Why hire one? Why not do the digging on your own? Here are some benefits to hiring a PI. Why You Should Consider Hiring a Miami Private Investigator 


  1. Experience and Access to Resources

Many, but not all, investigators have a background in law enforcement or criminal justice. This generally gives them access to resources; contacts such as research specialists, lawyers, police officers, technology experts, court employees and insurance specialists. The average person generally does not have access to this type of help.

Equipment used in private investigating can be both very expensive and rare. Take surveillance equipment for example. There are several types of cameras required, such as video, photo, and audio devices. Computers and access to databases are also required. With these resources and specialist equipment, a PI can yield increased results, do a more thorough job, and provide specific information.


  1. Time

Finding out information takes time that many people just do not have. A private investigator is able to devote the time required for surveillance and research.


  1. Skill

With experience and access to resources, private investigators acquire skills along the way. They know how to efficiently unearth information, interview people, and carry out surveillance. Some situations are tricky, sensitive and complex, making them very difficult for the average person to solve.


  1. Provision of Facts

A professional and effective PI will present facts. It is essentially his job to provide evidence of what has been discovered and guarantee validity of the facts they are presenting to you. While the case is ongoing, they should keep you updated on what they’ve discovered – in written form. This should also be done at the end of the case. Evidence can be in the form of places, dates, names, conversations, copies of records, printouts, photographs, and more.


  1. Background Searches

A Miami private investigator can conduct background checks on not only individuals, but companies as well, for individuals and corporations. They generally conduct interviews, search public records, and confirm reference checks in order to provide detailed information on an individual or company. They can perform these searches for an individual or company, not just on them.

For example, companies can hire a private investigator to conduct background searches on a potential or current employee or business partner. Individuals can hire a PI to conduct a background check on household employees, such as nannies.

In today’s society, internet dating is on the rise, and with that comes a lot of dishonesty. A PI can investigate a potential relationship partner, in order to ensure you are not entering a relationship with a dangerous individual.


  1. Criminal Investigations

A PI can come in handy during a civil or criminal law suit. Many lawyers and individuals simply do not have the time required to do the digging for their client’s case. Evidence collected by a private investigator can be the difference between winning a case and losing.


  1. Tracing Family Members

Sometimes, family members go missing. A private investigator can use their skills and resources to find out more information about the missing person, and can either bring the family together or provide some closure.


A Different Perspective

There are many more advantages to hiring a Miami private investigator. They can bring in a fresh pair of objective eyes that can look at a situation from a different perspective. Often, many people come to a dead end in their searches, and this is where a PI can help.

Maya and Maya offers infidelity investigation and private investigator services and is one of the leading Miami private investigator service providers. All of our investigators have over 10 years of experience in civil and domestic investigations. If you or anyone you know needs help from a licensed PI, contact us today to book an appointment, so we can get started on finding out the information you need.