Hidden Assets and Questions to Ask? Getting Divorced

I am writing this article to address the very important topic of Hidden Assets and the investigating of such.  If you are getting divorced and don’t know all the assets the first thing to do is try to gather all the banking documents related to the other spouses businesses and or personal accounts.  It important to know what exactly the bottom line is so the following are tips you need to follow from my years of finding hidden assets:

  1. Gather all banking documents that you know of and try to check personal, business, and or phones for accounts that may be unknown.
  2. Gather all Whole Life and Variable Insurance Policies.
  3. Determine what real estate is known.
  4. Gather all safe deposit boxes locations, hidden safes in the home, and other places when things were friendly where hard cash was stored.
  5. Gather all information regarding off shore bank accounts and or companies.
  6. Determine and or establish places where your spouse frequents to determine possible locations of countries visited.  An account may be there and monies hidden.
  7. Art Pieces and or timeless jewelry such as Rolex, Tiffany Rings, and or other expensive jewelry pieces.
  8. Lastly you’ll need to determine his CPA as he will have the usual keys to the house and all the information needed.


My advice is to seek a professional when the majority of these items are gathered and have them review for ideas as to finding what may not exist at present.  If things don’s add up then seek a private investigator with the proper experience finding hidden assets related to divorces and or fraudsters in general.  However, if you presently going through a divorce call our offices at (305)232-0056 and or email us via dlm@mayaandmayainc.com to discuss your case.



Proper Vetting of Business and Prospective Employees

















Background Checks and Proper Vetting:

The proper vetting and looking into prospective employees, new business partners, and even a possible love interest. Its imperative that you look into everything. Don’t rely on word of mouth and a good sense of humanity in today’s world. If you have a feeling that something is not right. “Stop Right There” that is your gift of fear your inner survival mode telling you “Hey Friend, you need to stop and look into this because there is poison on the other side”. Its not as simple as doing a minor background check and all is good. A proper background check depends on what you are looking for and why are you doing this. I would suggest you call a professional and let them guide you. For starters its not as simple going to the clerk of the court in your county or the state database for criminal records. You can’t rely on what someone tells you either. You have to verify the facts for yourself. How about if your prospective party saids they only lived in Florida and of course nothing comes back in Florida but they lived in New York and California as well. You must check both of those states as well. I can’t say enough for hiring nannies, looking into a new love interest, and hiring a contractor. I would always suggest when hiring contractors that the person who is selling the services is the person on the license, and the check written is to that person. I have found in over 100 past cases that past customers have been ripped off by career criminals working under someone licenses or their family members licenses. I always say check, check, and check some more. Call the professionals at Maya & Maya Inc for your free consultation on proper background checks. @danmaya360



Real and Licensed Private Investigative Agencies

My name is Daniel L. Maya, owner of Maya & Maya Inc, and until recently, I have stayed out of a controversy among my colleagues. However, I do, in my opinion, have a valid argument that I would like to make now. There is a big difference between real licensed investigative agencies and PI Dispatchers.

Most investigators, like myself, join the investigative industry to help people. They, like us, are licensed by their state’s regulatory board and go through all the requirements to be able to call themselves a licensed private investigator.   Why is all this important? Because it safeguards the public’s welfare and the integrity of the profession. Lately, I have seen a trend via “Google Ad Words” where certain investigators “Pirates,”  I will call them – because they are not licensed to do complete the tasks they are advertising – pitch investigative services in states where they are unlicensed.

Let me explain.

When you hire a doctor based on their qualifications, education, certifications, and experience – would you feel comfortable with that doctor subcontracting out his services to a different doctor who lacks the experience you were seeking? Would you be okay with that same doctor invoicing you a premium rate because of his experience while his – novice – doctor performed the procedure? Would you be okay in knowing that the doctor you hired is unlicensed and unregulated in your state? Most of us wouldn’t. Unfortunately, this is exactly what’s happening in our industry. Currently, there are unlicensed and unregulated companies who act like so called “dispatchers” by sub-contracting the work to other investigators. They take your case, manage the investigation, accept fees from you, and in turn, submit evidence to you. They handle the entire case and investigation – remember, these companies are unregulated and unlicensed in the state.

How do these “Pirates” get away with this? By hiring a local private investigator at a fraction of the cost. An investigator who you did NOT hire to begin with and may lack the experience and certification you were seeking.

In the three states where I am licensed, Florida, California, and New York, I was required to go through regulatory testing, a background screening run by the FBI, supply verification of education and, finally, had to show documented experience. All of this was done so I could get licensed and offer investigative services in those states. Furthermore, in Florida and California, it is a criminal offense to work as a private investigator without an active and valid license.

Why is this pirating trend so problematic? Very simply, you are being sold services that are regulated in that state by a company that is not licensed nor authorized to perform such service or, even, follow the state-imposed regulations.  So, the argument is they hire a local private investigator that they have supposedly vetted. Really? You can do that yourself.  At the end of this article, I will put links where you can verify licenses in the states of Florida, New York, and California.

When you’re sick, you call you friends and family and ask for a referral and look for reviews. You call the doctor and make an appointment, and go to a physical office for that visit. Private investigations should be approached the same way. You need to screen your investigator the same way you screen your doctor.  If your investigator has a local office, visit them. Look for the required postings, certificates, degrees, and other proof that they are following state regulations.  Why would you pay for a doctor through a referral service and then accept service from a contractor being paid less than half of what you paid? That doesn’t make sense, logically or economically.

I will empower you to do your own research and hire a local private investigative agency that is properly licensed in the state you are seeking private investigation services from.  Many of us in this amazing field and career are former military, law enforcement officers, paralegals, federal law enforcement, or journalists.  We come from many different walks of life and try to help our clients, whether the have a corporate, insurance, or personal / domestic issue, to the best of our ability with integrity and honesty.

It is a requirement in the state of Florida, if you’re advertising in print or digitally, to post your license number on the advertisement.  In Florida, that license starts with an ‘A’ and is followed by numbers.  My agency’s number is A2300340, which means ‘A’ is the term for a private investigative agency and 23 means 2003, the year my agency license was issued.  The rest of the numbers are assigned randomly, perhaps indicating the number of licenses issued in that year.

With all of this information in mind, I hope you are empowered to make an informed decision on who you are hiring. Do not be afraid to ask questions, to visit a local office whenever possible, to meet the professional in person, to request a contract, and to ask to see a state-issued Private Investigator License within your state.

God Speed and Good Luck.

The following links are for your assistance to verify licenses and the two professional associations in Florida that you could verify if someone is a member of that organization as well:


PI 101: Surveillance Techniques Used in a Private Investigation



Surveillance is the stealthy observation of a person, place, or thing and is one of the methods used by private investigators and law enforcement agencies to confirm or deny allegations of illegal or suspicious behavior. Surveillance can be done in person or with the use of electrical devices to monitor conversations. It is also carries some risk. If a private investigator (PI) is detected in an area, his ability to return there will be compromised. Different types of surveillance can be used in a private investigation, and the best private investigators know which method is best suited to the individual cases.


Surveillance Used in a Private Investigation

  1. Mechanical Surveillance

This is the usage of electronic/ technological devices to conduct surveillance. The benefit here is that unlike people, equipment doesn’t get bored, hungry, or tired. Equipment can be used in more than one location at a time and has the ability to obtain information 24/7.

  • Electronic Monitoring. This involves surveillance of telephone, internet, fax, and email communications. However, in order for a private investigator to proceed, he will require a court order
  • Stationary Device Surveillance. This is when a PI uses recording equipment and a hidden camera in a parked vehicle. The car is normally stationed in an area that won’t draw too much attention, such as a parking lot. The device can sometimes be unmanned, while still recording images at any time. The fact that it does not require the PI’s presence helps decrease the chance of discovery, and the PI is also able to come and go as he pleases.


  1. Human Surveillance

This is when the private investigator himself is the main source of information. In other words, the PI is physically there observing and tailing targets in person.

  • The Stakeout. Also known as fixed surveillance. With this type of surveillance, the PI observes people or places from a distance. The PI can either be alone or with another investigator. Having two PIs on a stakeout is generally preferable, as one can rest while the other watches. Additionally, they are able to alternate positions, thereby reducing their chances of being spotted.
  • Three-Person Surveillance. According to Chron, this is also called the ABC method, referring to the PIs’ assigned roles. Person A remains behind the suspect, with person B following close by. Private investigator C generally stays across the street, constantly staying slightly ahead of or behind the suspect.


  1. Overt vs Covert Surveillance

This is in effect when people in a public place are aware that there is surveillance equipment. For example, people in a casino are aware that there are cameras recording to ensure there is no cheating or stealing.

Covert surveillance is the method generally used by private investigators. They tail or observe the individual without her knowledge, as long as the private investigator does not violate any state laws.


What Private Investigators Have to Keep in Mind

When using surveillance in a private investigation, PIs have to use all their skills and have to have certain qualities. Most PIs need a good memory, an outgoing personality, attention to detail, and great communication skills. They also have to have patience and be observant and resourceful.

  • Ethics and Laws. Information obtained from surveillance is often very sensitive. A good PI has to be fully aware of the laws in their state, particularly regarding trespassing, audio recording, and invasion of privacy. It is therefore the PI’s duty to know his legal limits and conduct the private investigation accordingly.
  • Involving the Authorities. Depending on state laws, a private investigator may not be obliged to inform the authorities of the nature of the investigation, or the individual the PI is investigating.


Professionals for Your Private Investigation

If you require a private investigator, Maya and Maya offer a wide range of private investigation services from missing persons to online dating investigations and everything in between. Our operatives are professional and have 10 years of experience in civil and domestic investigations. They are experts at surveillance and other methods of private investigating, but operate within the confines of the law while keeping our clients’ best interests in mind. Contact us today for a free consultation to find out how you can benefit from our professional services.


What You Need to Find Out Before Deciding to Forgive a Cheating Spouse



So you’ve hired a cheating spouse investigator, and you’ve discovered that your significant other is cheating. This news can be devastating. Why did he or she cheat? How do you go on from there? Do you stay with the cheater or leave? Will you ever trust your significant other again? Do you forgive a cheater, and if you do, how will your relationship change? These are just some of the questions that may pop into your head. However, before you make a decision on what to do, there are some questions you should ask your loved one, as well as yourself, to help determine your next step and begin the recovery process.


Questions to Ask Your Cheating Spouse

  1. Are You Still Seeing the Other Person?

If your loved one cheated on you with someone in their workplace, it may be difficult for them to completely avoid that coworker. However, the question here is whether the cheating spouse is choosing to still see this person when it’s not necessary. If they are still seeing each other, it means the cheater continues to betray you, and you should probably leave.


  1. Are You in Love with Him/ Her?

This can be a difficult question for both you and the cheating spouse. He or she may not even be sure of the answer, and so getting an honest answer may be difficult. For you, hearing the answer, “yes” could deal a devastating blow, and it may be time to move on after that answer.


  1. How did this Happen? Is Something Missing in our Relationship?

Finding out what led them astray could help when you are trying to decide whether to forgive your loved one and stay, or move on. If something is missing in your relationship, is he or she willing to do whatever it takes to work on it?


  1. Do You Want Us to Work this Out?

Some spouses purposefully cheat in order to get caught and get out of a relationship. Find out if the cheater intends to leave or wants to work this out. You may also want to find out if the cheater feels guilt or remorse. However, that can be a tricky question to ask, because that’s an easy lie for the cheater to tell. You would probably have to feel that the loved one is remorseful, regardless of the answer.


  1. What if this Happens Again?

This is where your loved one needs to convince you what steps he or she is going to take to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Apologies are nice, but if he or she just keeps begging for your trust without some kind of solid plan, that should be a warning sign for you.


Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Does He or She Deserve to be Forgiven?

If you found out they were cheating because of evidence obtained from a cheating spouse investigator, chances are your spouse did not confess until he or she was caught. There is a lot to be said about a person’s morals if that individual never came forth with the information, and if you forgive him or her now, how do you know it won’t happen again?


  1. Did this Come as a Shock, or am I Not Surprised?

Are you still in love with the cheater, or had the relationship already run its course? You’d really need to evaluate the relationship.


  1. Has He or She Been Deceitful Before?

Perhaps this may be the first time he or she was cheating, but there could have been red flags throughout the relationship. Is your spouse generally an honest person, or has your spouse displayed dishonest behavior before?

  1. Can I Deal With This and Stay?

Do you still want to be with your spouse? Does the good outweigh the bad? Even if the good does outweigh the bad, one case of infidelity can really mess up the relationship. Are you willing to make things work? Is this something you can forgive, or will you forever be throwing it back in his or her face?


There is no right or wrong answer when going through these questions. It is a very personal process. The only person you should have to justify your answers to is yourself, even if friends and family disagree.


Miami Cheating Spouse Investigator

Do you suspect that your spouse is cheating but need to prove it for sure? Maya and Maya offer a wide range of private investigation services, including cheating spouse investigations. Our operatives have 10 years experience in both domestic and civil investigations, and always keep our client’s best interest at the heart of their investigations. Contact us today for a free consultation.


Cheating Spouse Investigator: Learn how to Bust Your Cheating Spouse



Catching a cheating spouse can be difficult. How so? Because the cheater is at an advantage. They are able to take advantage of the trust their spouses have in them. However, your suspicions have become too big to ignore and it’s now time to get some evidence, but where do you begin?


According to Taylor & Francis Online, it is estimated that 45-55% of married women and 50-60% of married men cheat on their spouses at some point in their marriages. With such statistics, your suspicions about your partner may be well founded. Of course, you might be wrong, but you might be right. Here’s how you can become a mini cheating spouse investigator and find out.


4 Ways You Can Catch a Cheating Spouse


  1. Your Spouse’s Cell Phone

Try to gain access to your spouse’s phone when they leave it unattended. Be prepared for what you may find (or may not find). Other than going through texts, emails and photos, you may want to take advantage of the time you have with your partner’s phone and go through the following:

  • Google Maps. Some apps show app history, and Google Maps is one of them. Use it to find out where your spouse has been lately.
  • Auto-complete. Begin typing in a search term on Facebook, email or even Google, and the phone will guess what you’re looking for based on previous searches. This works on a laptop too. You may just be able to come across all the emails that have been sent to your spouse’s cute new coworker.


  1. Home Security Cameras

Your home security system is not only used to catch thieves, but can be used to catch unfaithful spouses as well. Nanny cams, and even baby monitor cameras can be of use.


  1. Follow Them

Some partners purposefully pick fights so they have an excuse to leave. Following your spouse, particularly after a fight, might lead you to discover who and where their secret lover is. If you get caught following them, you can always use the excuse that you were trying to apologize.


  1. Monitor Their Spending

Keep track of their credit card statements, ATM withdrawals, receipts and phone records. You may be able to uncover some spending habits that don’t quite make sense. In other words, your spouse could be buying items for their lover, which will need some explaining.


Sounds like too Much Work? Hire a Cheating Spouse Investigator

If all this sounds like too much work for you, or you’re worried you may get caught, hire a cheating spouse investigator to do the dirty work for you. Some advantages of getting professional help include:

  • While you may not have the time to follow your spouse around all day, a private investigator has the time to dedicate to your case.
  • Experience and Access to Resources. Many private investigators have backgrounds in criminal justice or law enforcement, which can give them access to contacts such as technology experts, as well as access to equipment used in private investigations. A professional private investigator will be able to conduct surveillance while keeping within the confines of the law. You, on the other hand, may find yourself with a lawsuit if you do it on your own.
  • The best private investigators know how to efficiently extract information. Their experience in the field means they have most likely acquired some skill along the way. They’ll know how to navigate the sensitive world of exposing infidelity.
  • Guaranteed Evidence. The job of a private investigator is essentially to provide facts and evidence. This may be evidence of an affair or the absence of one. Either way, you’ll get the facts.


Miami Cheating Spouse Investigator

If you’re considering hiring a cheating spouse investigator, Maya and Maya offer many private investigation services, including exposing cheating spouses. Our operatives have several years of experience in civil and domestic cases, and are fully aware of how sensitive such investigations are. If you’re looking for the evidence you need to catch your spouse, contact us today for a free consultation and we’ll set you on the path to peace of mind.






When a person goes missing, it can be devastating for families and friends. However, the sooner you get started on looking for that missing person, the better your chances are of finding him or her. However, in order to find the missing person faster, you’re going to need some help from a professional. One of your best hopes is to hire a private investigator. A private investigation can significantly increase your chances of finding the missing person.


According to the FBI, in 2013, 627,911 missing persons records were entered into the National Crime Information Center, and as of the end of December 2013, the National Crime Information Center contained 84,136 active missing person records.


Private Investigation: Who Can Be Found Using a Missing Person Investigation?

A missing person investigation can be used to find minors who have been kidnapped, runaways, long lost friends and family, debtors that owe you money, and fugitives. Basically, if you need to locate someone who is difficult to find, a professional private investigator will have the tools and skills necessary to help locate the person you are looking for.


How Does a Private Investigator Find a Missing Person?

There are many techniques used by a PI to help locate the missing person. Some of these techniques include:

  1. Information Given by the Client

The best place to start is with the information you as the client are aware of. It is important that you give the PI all the information you know, no matter how insignificant you may think it is. Their date of birth, last known address, and what that person was last seen wearing or where he or she was going can all be useful information.

However, if the person has been missing for decades, the case is harder to solve.


  1. Surveillance

If a person is likely to be in a particular place, or more than one place, surveillance is one technique used in a private investigation to locate an individual, or even follow a suspect in a missing person case. Types of surveillance methods used include:

  • Human Surveillance. This is when the private investigator is the main source of information. That is, the PI is tailing any suspects or physically observing locations themselves.


  • Mechanical Surveillance. This involves using technological/ electronic devices to conduct surveillance. The benefit of mechanical surveillance in a missing persons investigation is that unlike a human being, equipment doesn’t get tired, bored, or hungry. There is also the advantage of using it in more than one location at a time, 24/7.



  1. Using Their Networks

Since many private investigators have experience in law enforcement or criminal justice, they tend to have many contacts in related fields. These contacts can come in handy when trying to find a missing person. Some of these contacts may include other private investigators, police officers, and paid informants.


  1. Online Databases

Online searches can be done to try and locate a missing person. This can be a simple Google search, searches on social media platforms, and online government records. Some online searches can be very simple, while some may take some patience. Either way, this is a very practical method of searching for someone who is missing.


  1. Traffic Tickets

This is particularly useful when searching for a suspect in a missing person case, or when searching for a missing person who is likely to be driving. If a traffic ticket is fairly recent, the information on the ticket such as name, address, make and model of the car, date of birth, and where the ticket was issued, will be extremely useful in narrowing down the search and increasing the chances of the case being solved.


Missing Person Investigation Miami

If you are searching for a missing person and require the help of a professional, licensed private investigator, Maya and Maya can help. We offer a variety of private investigator services, including missing person investigations. Our time-proven investigative techniques often allow us to locate someone in a short amount of time, even when others have been searching in vain for years. Contact us today for a free consultation!





Reasons to hire a private investigator when you’re getting divorced

Divorce is a messy and traumatic process, and the decision to get divorced is one of the hardest choices that one can make. It is only when people feel that no other option remains that they consider ending their marriage. Emotions run high and people can get very bitter when they see their marriage coming to an end. You may have heard horror tales about people hiding money, and fighting extended legal battles out of spite, just to deny their partners a fair settlement.

If your marriage is coming to an end, and you want to ensure a fair legal judgment for yourself, consider hiring a private investigator. There are many things that a Florida private investigator can do for you. They can help you find out the kind of person your spouse really is. The information that they provide can help you secure a better alimony judgment, help you win better or even complete custody over your kids, and ensure that you get the most favorable judgment from the court.

What are the biggest ways in which a Miami private investigator can help you in your divorce proceedings? The honest answer is, “Too many to mention”. These experts will help collect all financial records about your spouse and ensure that they do not have property or bank accounts that you are not aware of. You may also want to hire a Florida private investigator if you suspect that your spouse is not a suitable parent for your kids, and you do not want to share custody with them. The evidence collected by the investigator will not only be admissible in court, their expert testimony can go a long way in helping you get the judgment that you so desire.

Let experts handle your work for you

Just like you hire a lawyer when you need to file for a divorce, when you need to obtain information about your spouse which they are not ready to divulge voluntarily, you must hire someone who is capable of extracting this information. A Miami private investigator will do this for you in an easy way. He will follow your spouse to ensure that they are not cheating on you, observe them to find out how they treat your kids when you are not around, and go through their credit card bills, property listings, financial status and more to ensure that you are able to get a monetary judgment that is a fair share of their actual worth. All this information is something that you have a right to know, and hiring a private investigator ensures that you can verify your spouse is not lying.

All the information that the Florida private investigator obtains for you will be extensively documented, complete with video and audio recording, receipts and documents, and thus can be used by your lawyer if needed to prove to the court that you are justified in not only divorcing your spouse, but also that you deserve the remuneration that you have demanded.

We can do all this and more, and make your divorce proceedings less of a challenge for you. Contact (305) 232-0056 today for the best Miami private investigation services at dlm@mayaandmayainc.com


Reasons to hire a private investigator when you believe your spouse is cheating

Faith and trust in a marriage are of utmost importance. Any relationship where the partners are not faithful to each other, will eventually break apart. Adultery is a surprisingly common reason cited by couples when they file for a divorce, and if you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, you must make sure of all the facts instead of just speculating and assuming. Knowing for certain whether your partner has been unfaithful, you can lift a huge loads off of your shoulders and give you the courage needed to take definitive action.

So you think your spouse is cheating on you

The subtlest of things can raise suspicion, and sometimes even the smallest things will make you doubt your spouse. Have they started working till late in the recent days, or are unavailable on their phones without any valid reason? Perhaps there have been unexplained expenses on their cards, or they have been hanging out with someone that you dislike and do not trust. It is easy to fall into temptation, and give in, and if you want to have a healthy relationship, you cannot be with a person you cannot trust. Hiring a private investigator will help you know for sure whether you have a cheating spouse.

Why hire a Florida private investigator?

A private investigator is highly accomplished at tracking leads, following people, and obtaining proof of infidelity. They are also going to be rational, professional and composed when they find conclusive proof of your spouse’s cheating, unlike you, who may have a very violent reaction, and may even suffer a nervous breakdown. You do not want to subject yourself to such a situation, where your completely justified reactions can be later used against you.

Here is what can happen. If you think your spouse is cheating on you:

  1. Your suspicions were unfounded, and you discover that your spouse is completely faithful. You can relax and lay your doubts to rest
  2. You find that you were right, and your spouse is indeed cheating on you, with one or even more people. In the process of making this discovery, you run the risk of physical as well as emotional harm.

Why put yourself at risk when you can hire a Miami private investigator to perform the task for you? Your spouse may get violent when you catch them cheating, or their partner might. You may find yourself on someone elses private party, and face legal charges despite being innocent.

Also, you should plan ahead for the worst case. If your suspicions are indeed true, you may want to consider options like divorce, in which case the proof and testimony that a registered Florida private investigator can provide will also help you build a strong case against your spouse.

A cheating spouse is your worst nightmare, but hiring a Miami private detective can help you be better prepared and you are not caught by surprise. Our private investigators can offer you competent and comprehensive investigative support. Call us right now at (305) 232-0056 to set up an appointment, or send us an email at dlm@mayaandmayainc.com for details about our private investigation services.


Why would you ever hire a private investigator?

First off, private investigators in the real world are not the same as private investigators in TV and movies. The fiction has supplanted the reality in so many people’s minds that it becomes hard to convince them we aren’t all hard-fisted, chain smoking, rugged men who drive sports cars. Only the lucky ones get to do that.

In reality, private investigators come in all sizes and shapes, genders and races. There is no typical private investigator, each one is an individual, and each has their own specialty. The one thing that all private investigators share, however, is the ability to investigate and research information that you don’t have the time, resources or training to do yourself.

It is no longer possible in this complex and busy world to be able to do everything yourself. Our society uses specialists for some many things – plumbers, mechanics and electricians, for example – even though, with the proper training, most people can do the tasks that we hire these people for. Private investigators are the same.

There are as many reasons to hire a private investigator as there are people that need them, but the general research falls into a number of broad categories. The top five categorical reasons you would hire a private investigator are:

  • Divorce disputes

The old standby. Divorces can easily become messy and untidy events with a great deal of “he said” and “she said” being thrown around by both parties. The use of a private investigator can uncover evidence that you can use against your spouse during the legal proceedings. The advice of a private investigator can also be used to protect your reputation.

  • Stalkers

Not learning how to be a stalker, but identifying and stopping one before they become dangerous. Whether you are a man or a woman, having a stalker can be a nightmare. The police will not act on non-concrete evidence and the restraining order is not as much protection as anyone would like. Tracking and identifying the stalker’s patterns, gathering evidence of illegal activities and keeping a detailed record of incidents to help you file a criminal complaint successfully is a perfect job for a private investigator.

  • Employee tracking

Business owners who are worried about being defrauded by employees can hire a private investigator to research the situation and gather evidence of whether illegal activities are being carried out. Dismissing an employee, unless you have probable cause, can be problematic in today’s society and the results of an investigation can go a long way in providing the evidence you have to have to rid yourself of a problem employee.

  • Background checks

Internet dating is all the rage, but you really don’t know what you are getting into dating an anonymous stranger. Protecting yourself against predators that lurk on the internet is easier with someone who has the training and resources to conduct background checks on prospective suitors for your security.

  • Cheating spouses

If you believe your spouse is having an affair, having a private investigator find out can give you impartial answers to your suspicions. Whether you are looking for peace of mind or the proof needed to get a divorce, avoid using your friends and hire a professional.

Remember, it doesn’t do any good to hire a private investigator who is unfamiliar with your city or state. Hiring a Miami private investigator to look into an issue in Baltimore is counter-productive, as is hiring an investigator from California to do the job that a Florida private investigator is trained and licensed for.

If you need private investigations services in Florida, New York and Southern California, call the detective agency of Maya & Maya, Inc. Our number is (305)232-0056. We may not be driving a sports car, but we are exactly what you are looking for to find what you need.