When a person goes missing, it can be devastating for families and friends. However, the sooner you get started on looking for that missing person, the better your chances are of finding him or her. However, in order to find the missing person faster, you’re going to need some help from a professional. One of your best hopes is to hire a private investigator. A private investigation can significantly increase your chances of finding the missing person.


According to the FBI, in 2013, 627,911 missing persons records were entered into the National Crime Information Center, and as of the end of December 2013, the National Crime Information Center contained 84,136 active missing person records.


Private Investigation: Who Can Be Found Using a Missing Person Investigation?

A missing person investigation can be used to find minors who have been kidnapped, runaways, long lost friends and family, debtors that owe you money, and fugitives. Basically, if you need to locate someone who is difficult to find, a professional private investigator will have the tools and skills necessary to help locate the person you are looking for.


How Does a Private Investigator Find a Missing Person?

There are many techniques used by a PI to help locate the missing person. Some of these techniques include:

  1. Information Given by the Client

The best place to start is with the information you as the client are aware of. It is important that you give the PI all the information you know, no matter how insignificant you may think it is. Their date of birth, last known address, and what that person was last seen wearing or where he or she was going can all be useful information.

However, if the person has been missing for decades, the case is harder to solve.


  1. Surveillance

If a person is likely to be in a particular place, or more than one place, surveillance is one technique used in a private investigation to locate an individual, or even follow a suspect in a missing person case. Types of surveillance methods used include:

  • Human Surveillance. This is when the private investigator is the main source of information. That is, the PI is tailing any suspects or physically observing locations themselves.


  • Mechanical Surveillance. This involves using technological/ electronic devices to conduct surveillance. The benefit of mechanical surveillance in a missing persons investigation is that unlike a human being, equipment doesn’t get tired, bored, or hungry. There is also the advantage of using it in more than one location at a time, 24/7.



  1. Using Their Networks

Since many private investigators have experience in law enforcement or criminal justice, they tend to have many contacts in related fields. These contacts can come in handy when trying to find a missing person. Some of these contacts may include other private investigators, police officers, and paid informants.


  1. Online Databases

Online searches can be done to try and locate a missing person. This can be a simple Google search, searches on social media platforms, and online government records. Some online searches can be very simple, while some may take some patience. Either way, this is a very practical method of searching for someone who is missing.


  1. Traffic Tickets

This is particularly useful when searching for a suspect in a missing person case, or when searching for a missing person who is likely to be driving. If a traffic ticket is fairly recent, the information on the ticket such as name, address, make and model of the car, date of birth, and where the ticket was issued, will be extremely useful in narrowing down the search and increasing the chances of the case being solved.


Missing Person Investigation Miami

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